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SACRED STONES: Smoky Quartz Bracelets and Earrings - individually craftedearrings, and empowered with Ancient Egyptian sacred symbols/archetypes.



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\ud80c\udc80 Three elasti crystal healingcated bracelets and two pai crystal healingrs of earri crystal healingngs i crystal healingn Smoky Quartz beads wi crystal healingth Si crystal healinglver Hemati crystal healingte spacers. \ud80c\udc80 ITEMS SOLD SEPARATELY: make your choi crystal healingce i crystal healingn the drop-down menu! \ud80c\udc80 ALL ITEMS FROM ALKHEMI\u00aeBAZAAR ARE BESPOKE AND HAND-CRAFTED TO ORDER. \ud80c\udc80 The beads have been empowered i crystal healingn sacred shamani crystal healingc ceremony. Once I have created your i crystal healingtem of jewellery, i crystal healingt i crystal healings placed i crystal healingn a powerful Crystal Gri crystal healingd for 3 consecuti crystal healingve days where i crystal healingt i crystal healings attuned to the "body-fi crystal healingeld" (body and energy fi crystal healingeld) of the reci crystal healingpi crystal healingent (you or the person you are buyi crystal healingng i crystal healingt for). \ud80c\udc80 SMOKY QUARTZ i crystal healings empowered wi crystal healingth the anci crystal healingent Egypti crystal healingan symbol of the Gateway, and balances the CENTRES OF FILTRATION (chakras). \ud80c\udc80 Each i crystal healingtem i crystal healings sold wi crystal healingth a Alkhemi crystal healing\u00ae Symbol Card. When not weari crystal healingng your SACRED STONES jewellery, placi crystal healingng i crystal healingt on the card wi crystal healingll clear any unwanted energi crystal healinges and recharge i crystal healingt.\ud80c\udc80 THE BRACELETS are avai crystal healinglable i crystal healingn three si crystal healingzes of Smoky Quartz beads: 10mm; 6mm; and 4mm. The beads are placed symboli crystal healingcally i crystal healingn groups of three, and separated by Si crystal healinglver Hemati crystal healingte spacers. All bracelets are strung on elasti crystal healingc cord and double-cri crystal healingmped for extra hold. The 10mm bracelet i crystal healings also double-strung for extra strength. The cri crystal healingmps are covered by a decorated metal spacer bead. The bracelets measure approxi crystal healingmately 19cm (7\u00bd i crystal healingnches).\ud80c\udc80 EARRINGS 1: 1 x 10mm and 1 x 4mm Smoky Quartz bead wi crystal healingth 2 x Si crystal healinglver Hemati crystal healingte faceted spacers and si crystal healinglver coloured flat hooks. They have a drop of 3.75cm (1\u00bd i crystal healingnches) from the top of the hook.\ud80c\udc80 EARRINGS 2: 3 x 6mm Smoky Quartz beads and 4 x Si crystal healinglver Hemati crystal healingte faceted spacers and si crystal healinglver coloured flat hooks. They have a drop of 5.75cm (2\u215b i crystal healingnches) from the top of the hook.\ud80c\udc80 PLEASE NOTE: The i crystal healingtems of jewellery i crystal healingn the photo are samples. Your order wi crystal healingll be created and empowered especi crystal healingally for you. Semi crystal healing-preci crystal healingous stones are formed from natural elements and created by powerful forces deep wi crystal healingthi crystal healingn the Earth. As such, the colour, shade, shape and marki crystal healingngs of the beads may vary sli crystal healingghtly from those i crystal healingn the photos. When maki crystal healingng a pai crystal healingr of earri crystal healingngs, I always choose si crystal healingmi crystal healinglar beads to make a "matchi crystal healingng" pai crystal healingr."The SACRED STONES of Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy" i crystal healings a uni crystal healingque concept, uni crystal healingti crystal healingng bespoke semi crystal healing-preci crystal healingous beaded jewellery wi crystal healingth the sacred symbols and archetypes of anci crystal healingent Egypt, accordi crystal healingng to the pri crystal healingnci crystal healingples of Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy. Each jewellery style i crystal healings avai crystal healinglable i crystal healingn all 59 stones."It i crystal healings hardly an exaggerati crystal healingon to say that most Egypti crystal healingan jewellery had amuleti crystal healingc value." ~ "Magi crystal healingc i crystal healingn Anci crystal healingent Egypt", Geraldi crystal healingne Pi crystal healingnch.In Apri crystal healingl 2000, I made the fi crystal healingrst of my many i crystal healingncredi crystal healingble journeys to Egypt. Si crystal healingnce then, researchi crystal healingng Egypti crystal healingan spi crystal healingri crystal healingtual tradi crystal healingti crystal healingons and worki crystal healingng i crystal healingntui crystal healingti crystal healingvely and shamani crystal healingcally wi crystal healingth the dei crystal healingti crystal healinges of anci crystal healingent Egypt has been my passi crystal healingon and my li crystal healingfe's work. I've vi crystal healingsi crystal healingted Egypt more than 20 ti crystal healingmes and li crystal healingved i crystal healingn Luxor for a year. As a result I di crystal healingscovered a remarkable truth: these anci crystal healingent teachi crystal healingngs are uni crystal healingversal and can be used today i crystal healingn a profound and powerful way for self-empowerment and spi crystal healingri crystal healingtual growth.From the si crystal healinggnposts of my own heali crystal healingng journey a psycho-spi crystal healingri crystal healingtual system evolved, a practi crystal healingcal but deeply transformati crystal healingonal process whi crystal healingch draws on the sacred wi crystal healingsdom teachi crystal healingngs of anci crystal healingent Egypt to: access heali crystal healingng energy; re-member your connecti crystal healingon to Source; and bri crystal healingng you i crystal healingnto ali crystal healinggnment wi crystal healingth the forces of Nature and your Infi crystal healingni crystal healingte Self. I called thi crystal healings system of natural heali crystal healingng and self-empowerment "Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy". It's a path of contemporary spi crystal healingri crystal healingtuali crystal healingty wi crystal healingth i crystal healingt roots i crystal healingn the Mystery Tradi crystal healingti crystal healingons of anci crystal healingent Egypt.In Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy, we work wi crystal healingth 59 esoteri crystal healingc energy centres (chakras), someti crystal healingmes i crystal healingn pai crystal healingrs, i crystal healingn and around the human body. A uni crystal healingque feature of Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy i crystal healings the associ crystal healingati crystal healingon of an anci crystal healingent Egypti crystal healingan sacred archetype (a dei crystal healingty or hi crystal healingeroglyphi crystal healingc symbol) wi crystal healingth each of the 59 energy centres. It i crystal healings possi crystal healingble to i crystal healingnfluence/balance these centres usi crystal healingng Alkhemi crystal healing\u00ae heali crystal healingng energy, sacred symbols, crystals/stones, anoi crystal healingnti crystal healingng oi crystal healingls, yoga sequences (Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeYoga Fusi crystal healingon), or sound and rhythm such as drummi crystal healingng or rattli crystal healingng. All these are elements of the Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy system. An onli crystal healingne versi crystal healingon of the Alkhemi crystal healing\u00aeTherapy Fi crystal healingrst Gate (Foundati crystal healingon Level) course wi crystal healingll be avai crystal healinglable soon.\ud80c\udc80 TAKING CARE OF SACRED STONES JEWELLERY: Many customers tell me that they love thei crystal healingr SACRED STONES jewellery so much that they never want to take i crystal healingt off, however I strongly advi crystal healingse that you remove all jewellery before showeri crystal healingng/bathi crystal healingng, whi crystal healinglst sleepi crystal healingng, and before taki crystal healingng part i crystal healingn acti crystal healingve pursui crystal healingts. Thi crystal healings wi crystal healingll prolong the li crystal healingfe of your jewellery. Some stones are parti crystal healingcularly prone to water damage, others are affected by essenti crystal healingal oi crystal healingls, perfumes and hand creams. I recommend keepi crystal healingng these away from any area where they wi crystal healingll come i crystal healingnto contact wi crystal healingth SACRED STONES jewellery.I am currently uploadi crystal healingng all the styles i crystal healingn all the stones - a huge task! - so call back often. If you li crystal healingke my work, please "Favouri crystal healingte" my shop, "Alkhemi crystal healing Bazaar".In love and grati crystal healingtudeSa Sekhem SahuJacqui crystal healing Tali crystal healingesi crystal healingn El Masry\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80

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