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Viking Ruens Styled Hand Crafted Solid Copper Bracelet with 7 Hand Stampings of Ruensmade in usa, 3/8in. wide #CB- 019 **SALE**



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WAS $29.97 **SALE PRICED** $24.97. ANY ADVERTISED SALE PRICES WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THIS ONLINE SPECIAL SO YOU SAVE BIG. Thi cuff bracelets i cuff bracelets a HAND CRAFTED from a Copper sheet CUFF BRACELET. It i cuff bracelets a 6 1/4" LONG 3/8" WIDE cuff. The Soli cuff braceletd Copper Bracelet i cuff bracelets HAND STAMPED wi cuff braceletth VIKING RUENS Symbols. THIS IS STAMPED WITH A 7 RUENS SYMBOLS WITH BLACK PAINT. It wi cuff braceletll fi cuff bracelett a Womens -Large or a Man's MEDIUM Wri cuff braceletst. The Pi cuff braceletctures should represent the si cuff braceletze and openi cuff braceletng. EACH PURCHASE IS FOR ONE (1) OF THE CUFFS LISTED. The si cuff braceletze of the cut sheet I formed i cuff bracelett from was 6 1/4" x 3/8" The Bracelet Has Many di cuff braceletfferant Desi cuff braceletgn Stamps and should stand out well wi cuff braceletth the DEEP symbols. It has been poli cuff braceletshed. THE CUFF HAS BEEN HARDENED WITH A TUMBLER & STAINLESS SHOT. Any Questi cuff braceletons Please E-MAIL me. #CB-019

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