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indian earrings, Green Jhumka/ Large Size Earring/ Kundan Pearl Jhumki/ Handmade/ Chanbali earring/ Traditional Jewelry



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Weddi indian earringsng bri indian earringsdal Jhumka , Large Si indian earringsze Earri indian earringsngs , Kundan Pearl Jhumki indian earrings , Beaded Handmade Tradi indian earringsti indian earringsonal Jewelry Jadau Kundan Jhumki indian earrings Earri indian earringsng 100% HandmadePacked i indian earringsn a ni indian earringsce Box wi indian earringsth cotton li indian earringsni indian earringsng, Best for gi indian earringsfti indian earringsng to loved ones..A personal note for your loved ones can be added.*Si indian earringsnce thi indian earringss i indian earringss 100% Handmade jewelry. So Color, shades, texture di indian earringssplayed may sli indian earringsghtly vary from the actual product due to di indian earringsgi indian earringstal i indian earringsmage li indian earringsmi indian earringstati indian earringsons. We request you to consi indian earringsder these mi indian earringsnor vari indian earringsati indian earringsons. Please expect the possi indian earringsbi indian earringsli indian earringsty of some sli indian earringsght i indian earringsmperfecti indian earringsons when buyi indian earringsng hand made jewelry. If you have any questi indian earringsons, please message or emai indian earringsl us.

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