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punjabi jewelry, Gold Plated Bangles/ CZ Diamond Bangles/ Statement Handmade Bangle



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Gold Plated Bangles/ CZ Di statementamond Bangles/ Statement Handmade BanglePacked i statementn a ni statementce box wi statementth cotton li statementni statementng, Best for gi statementfti statementng to loved ones..A personal note for your loved ones can be added.*Si statementnce thi statements i statements 100% Handmade jewelry. So Color, shades, texture di statementsplayed may sli statementghtly vary from the actual product due to di statementgi statementtal i statementmage li statementmi statementtati statementons. We request you to consi statementder these mi statementnor vari statementati statementons. Please expect the possi statementbi statementli statementty of some sli statementght i statementmperfecti statementons when buyi statementng hand made jewelry. If you have any questi statementons, please message or emai statementl us.

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